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Sublime Text 3 GIFS Cheat Sheet

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sublime Text 3 has dozens of useful keyboard shortcuts. If you're looking for something in particular, here are categories to browse through.

Most of the keystroke shortcuts have an accompanying gif, but others like Open File and Save As don't really need one.


Here are somes basics to get you started.

Move line/selection up
Moving a line up
Cut line
Cutting a line
Insert line after
Inserting a line after
Insert line before
Move line/selection down
Select line - repeat to select next lines
Select word - repeat to select other occurrences
Go to matching parentheses
Select all contents of the current parentheses


If you have the basics down, it's time to get a little fancier.

⌘] or TAB
Indent current line(s)
Indent lines
⌘[ or ⇧TAB
Un-indent current line(s)
Un-indent lines
Duplicate line(s)
Duplicate lines
Comment/un-comment current line
Block comment/uncomment current selection
Block comment/uncomment
Redo or repeat last keyboard shortcut command
Redo or repeat last keyboard shortcut command
Delete from cursor to end of line
Delete from cursor to end of line
Delete from cursor to start of line
Delete from cursor to start of line
Paste and indent correctly
Select next auto-complete suggestion
Soft undo
A 'soft undo' reverses what's been selected
Paste from history
Sublime Text remembers the past few things on your clipboard, and you can choose from them

Navigation/Go To Anywhere

Quick-open files by name
Goto symbol
If you're new to symbols, think of them as class or function definitions.
Goto line in current file
Select current line
Select between brackets (or braces or parentheses)
Select current indentation
Use selection for find
Use selection for replace
Expand selection to html tag


Find in files
Find next
Find previous
Incremental find
Incremental Find is only slightly different than Find. When you use Find, you begin typing, hit Enter to find Find Next right occurance, and then Escape to begin editing. With Incremental Find, when you begin typing, you can hit Enter and immediately begin editing the selection.
Replace next
Quick find

Text Manipulation

Transform to uppercase
Transform to lowercase
Delete line
Join lines
Close html tag
Sort lines
Sort lines (case sensitive)

Split Window

Split view into two columns
Revert view to single column
Split view into 3 columns
Split view into 4 columns
Set view to grid (4 groups)
Jump to group 2
Move file to group 2
Split view into 2 rows
Sadly, the keyboard shortcut for this does not appear to work. You have to use the menu: View > Layout > Rows: 2
Split view into 3 rows
Jump to group 1


Hide Sublime Text 3
Oh, you know what this looks like.
Hide all other windows
You know what this looks like, too.
Toggle side bar
Command prompt
Open file
I suspect you're familiar with what this looks like.
Zoom in
Zoom out
User settings
Save as...
You've probably seen this one work before.
Save all
Saves all your open files.
⌃` Show console
Enter/exit full screen
Toggles full-screen mode.
Enter distraction free mode
Spell check
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