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How Does shortcutFoo Work? Part II: Fight Section

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Fight Section is the most infuriating part of the site — or at least it should be. That was the intent of the Evil Red Ninja. Maybe some background is required.

Evil Ninja

The Evil Red Ninja was spat out of his whore of a mother, somewhere on the souther slopes of the Caucasus mountains. He learned to terrify the locals at an early age but soon outgrew his provincial surroundings. He ceaselessly and mercilessly trained his body and mind to be the most unspeakably evil being the world had ever know. He then got a job at Comcast.

When he’s not trying to make your life a cesspool of hopelessness he enjoys watching children cry, going to Evil Ninja meetup groups, and cuddling with his cat, Adolf Hitler.

Seriously though, the fight section is designed to be fun. Challenging but fun. The difference between knowledge and a skill is repetition. You might know a shortcut in your head. But to solidify the kinesthesia our fingers requires practice. Gamifying such repetition goes a long way to keep you going while you amass those necessary repetitions.

The fight section also adds some stress. Stress is not inherently bad. Sometimes it makes us better, sharper, and better prepared. To practice being stressed is to remove stress. We want you to integrate shortcuts into you daily work — if thinking about shortcuts stress you, then you’re not going to use them. We stress you during the fight so you’re not stressed at work. Or, as the old maxim says, “Cry in the Dojo, Laugh on the Battlefield.”

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