VSCode Cheatsheet
ShortcutFoo uses a Spaced Repetition System that adapts to your training.
scf keyboard

Editing I

Move line down
Move line up
Copy line down
Copy line up
Delete line
Insert line below
Insert line above
scf keyboard

Editing II

Jump to matching bracket
Indent line
Outdent line
Go to beginning of file
Go to end of file
Fold region
Unfold region
scf keyboard

Editing III

Fold all subregions
Unfold all subregions
Fold all regions
Unfold all regions
Toggle line comment
Toggle block comment
Toggle word wrap
scf keyboard

Multi-cursor / Selection I

Insert cursor above
Insert cursor below
Undo last cursor operation
Insert cursor at end of each line selected
Select current line
Select all occurrences of current selection
Select all occurrences of current word
scf keyboard

Multi-cursor / Selection II

Expand selection
Shrink selection
Column box selection up
Column box selection down
Column box selection right
Column box selection left
scf keyboard

Search / Replace I

Find next
Find previous
Add selection to next Find match
Select all occurrences of Find match
Move last selection to next Find match
scf keyboard

Rich Languages Editing I

Trigger suggestion
Trigger parameter hints
Format document
Format selection
Go to definition
Peek definition
scf keyboard

Rich Languages Editing II

Open definition to the side
Quick fix
Show references
Rename symbol
Trim trailing whitespace
Change file language
scf keyboard

Navigation I

Go to line...
Go to file...
Go to symbol...
Show problems panel
Go to next error or warning
Go to previous error or warning
Go back
Go forward
Toggle tab moves focus
scf keyboard

Editor Management I

Close folder
Split editor
Focus info 1st editor window
Focus into 2nd editor window
Focus into 3rd editor window
Focus into previous editor window
Focus into next editor window
Move editor window left
Move editor window right