TextMate Cheatsheet
ShortcutFoo uses a Spaced Repetition System that adapts to your training.
scf keyboard

Text Editing Beginner

scf keyboard

Text Editing Intermediate

Paste previous
Show clipboard history
Duplicate line
Free hand editing mode
Overwrite mode
Comment line / selection
Transpose characters
Delete char on right
Shift left
Shift right
Align assignments
scf keyboard

Text Editing Advanced I

Convert to uppercase
Convert to lowercase
Convert to titlecase
Convert to opposite case
Move line up
Move line down
Move column left
Move column right
scf keyboard

Text Editing Advanced II

Edit each line in selection
Reformat paragraph
Reformat and justify
Unwrap paragraph
Execute line and insert result
Send selection to pastie
Define new macro
Run macro
scf keyboard

Text Navigation

Scroll up
Scroll down
Scroll left
Scroll right
Go to beginning of line
Go to end of line
scf keyboard

Find and Replace

Find in project
Find next
Find previous
Replace all
Replace all in selection
Replace and find
Use selection for find
Incremental Search
scf keyboard

Show / Hide

Show special characters
Show/hide bookmarks
Show/hide line numbers
Show/hide project drawer
Show/hide invisibles
Show document stats
Show web preview
scf keyboard

Source Code

Insert escaped double quotes
Insert comment banner
Insert new line
Insert ; at end of line
Inert ; and new line
Insert \n
scf keyboard

File Navigation

Go to header / source
Go to alternate file
Go to line
scf keyboard

Text Selection

Select word
Select line
Select current scope
scf keyboard

File Management

Save as
Save all
Save project
Save project as
scf keyboard


Check spelling
Check spelling while typing
Select bundle item
Increase font size
Decrease font size
Lookup definition
Reveal in project