Sublime Text 2 Cheatsheet

Text Editing Beginner

Cut line
Insert line after
Insert line before
Select line - repeat to select next lines
Select word - repeat select others occurrences
Go to matching parentheses
Select all contents of the current parentheses

Text Editing Intermediate

Indent current line(s)
Un-indent current line(s)
Duplicate line(s)
Comment/un-comment current line
Block comment current selection
Redo or repeat last keyboard shortcut command
Paste and indent correctly
Select next auto-complete suggestion
Soft undo

Text Navigation/Goto Anywhere

Goto symbol
Goto line in current file
Select current line
Select between brackets
Use selection for find


Find in files
Find next
Find previous
Replace next
Quick find


Open file
Zoom in
User settings
Zoom out
Make a new sticky note
Hide all other windows
Save as...
Save all
Show console
Enter/exit full screen
Enter distraction free mode
Spell check

Text manipulation

Delete line
Close html tag
Sort lines
Split into lines

Split Window

Split view into two columns
Revert view to single column
Set view to grid (4 groups)
Jump to group 2
Move file to group 2
Split view into 3 columns
Split view into 4 columns
Split view into 2 rows
Split view into 3 rows
Jump to group 1