Slack Cheatsheet
ShortcutFoo uses a Spaced Repetition System that adapts to your training.
scf keyboard

Navigation I

Next channel in your history
Previous channel in your history
Next channel or direct message with unread messages
Previous channel or direct message with unread messages
Previous channel or direct message
Next channel or direct message
scf keyboard

Navigation II

Open quick switcher
Open quick list of keyboard shortcuts
Open Preferences
Toggle right pane open or closed
Open Channel info pane
Open Recent Mentions
Open Starred Items
scf keyboard

Navigation III

Switch to team assigned to number 1
Switch to team assigned to number 2
Switch to next team
Switch to previous team
scf keyboard

Messages I

Create a new line
Highlight text to end of current line
Highlight text to beginning of current line
Reprint the last slash command you entered
Edit your last message in current channel
Mark all messages in all channels and direct messages as read
Mark all messages in current channel or direct message as read
scf keyboard

Messages II

Autocomplete usernames beginning with character "e"
Autocomplete channel beginning with character "d"
Autocomplete emoji beginning with character "p"
Paste your clipboard contents as new text snippet
Upload a file
Create a new snippet
scf keyboard

Commands I

Append ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to your message
Set a Slackbot reminder
Send a direct message to another user
Invite another member to a channel or group
Displays action text
Leave a channel or direct message
Collapse all inline images and video in current channel
Toggle your "away" status
scf keyboard

Commands II

Rename a channel or group
List users in current channel or group
Open the keyboard shortcuts dialog
Open the preferences dialog
Open a channel or group
Manage RSS subscriptions
Send feedback to Slack