RStudio Cheatsheet
ShortcutFoo uses a Spaced Repetition System that adapts to your training.
scf keyboard

Console I

Move cursor to console
Clear console
Move cursor to beginning of line
Move cursor to end of line
Popup command history
Interrupt currently executing command
Change working directory
scf keyboard

Source I

Goto file/function
Move cursor to source editor
Insert chunk (Sweave and Knitr)
Insert code section
Run current line / selection
Run current line / selection (retain cursor position)
scf keyboard

Source II

Re-run previous region
Run current document
Run from beginning of document to current line
Run from current line to end of document
Run the current function definition
Run the current code section
Run previous Sweave / Rmd code
scf keyboard

Source III

Run current Sweave / Rmd chunk
Source a file
Source the current document
Source the current document (with echo)
Fold selected
Unfold selected
Fold all
Unfold all
scf keyboard

Source IV

Go to line
Jump to
Switch to tab
Previous tab
Next tab
First tab
Last tab
scf keyboard

Source V

Navigate back
Navigate forward
Extract function from selection
Extract variable from selection
Reindent lines
Reformat selection
Show diagnostics
scf keyboard

Source VI

Transpose letters
Move lines up
Move lines down
Copy lines up
Copy lines down
Jump to matching brace / parenthesis
Expand to matching brace / parenthesis
Select to matching brace / parenthesis
scf keyboard

Source VII

Add cursor above current cursor
Add cursor below current cursor
Move active cursor up
Move active cursor down
Find and replace
Find next
Find previous
Use selection for find
Replace and find
Find in files
scf keyboard

Editing I

Move to previous word
Move to next word
Move to start
Move to end
Delete line
Select word to left
Select word to right
scf keyboard

Editing II

Select to line start
Select to line end
Select to start
Select to end
Delete word left
Delete to line end
Delete to line start
scf keyboard

Editing III

Yank line up to cursor
Yank line after cursor
Insert currently yanked text
Insert assignment operator
Insert pipe operator
Show help for function at cursor
Show source code for function at cursor
Find usages for symbol at cursor (c++)
scf keyboard

Views I

Move focus to source editor
Move focus to console
Move focus to help
Show history
Show files
Show plots
Show packages
Show environment
Show git / svn
Show build
Sync editor and PDF preview
scf keyboard

Build / Debug I

Build and reload
Load all (devtools)
Toggle breakpoint
Execute next line
Step into function
Finish function / loop
Stop debugging
scf keyboard

Source Control I

Diff active source document
Commit changes
Stage / Unstage (Git)
Stage / Unstage and move to next (Git)
scf keyboard

Misc I

Check spelling
Previous plot
Next plot
Restart R session