ReSharper (VS Scheme) Cheatsheet
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scf keyboard

Editing I

Delete text from start of word to the caret
Delete text from the caret to the end of the word
Duplicate Text
Complete Symbol
Complete symbol based on current context
Insert all required syntax to complete the current statement
Goto Brace
Surround the current selection with a Surround Template
Quick Fix
scf keyboard

Editing II

Extend Selection to Next Word
Extend Selection to Previous Word
Extend Selection
Show Quick Documentation
Extend Selection to Brace
Show usages of symbol in popup list
Highlight Usages in File
Select Containing Declaration
Move Code Block Up
Move Code Block Down
Move Code Block Left
Move Code Block Right
Insert Live Template
scf keyboard

Navigation I

Go to Symbol
Go to Base Symbol
Go to Derived Symbols
Go to Containing Declaration
Go to Related Files
Show Hierarchies window
Go to Previous Edit
Go to Next Issue in File
Go to Previous Issue in File
scf keyboard

Navigation II

Navigate to the next member in the current type
Navigate to the previous member in the current type
Go to Type of Symbol
Go to the most derived types of the current type
Go To Bookmark 1
Go To Bookmark 4
Go To Bookmark 7
scf keyboard

Navigation III

Navigate to the next item in the current tool window
Navigate to the previous item in the current tool window
Locate in Solution Explorer
Toggle Bookmark 3
Toggle Bookmark 8
Go To Bookmark 2
Go To Bookmark 5
Navigate to next error in file, or next error in solution if Solution Wide Analysis is enabled
Navigate to previous error in file, or next error in solution if Solution Wide Analysis is enabled
scf keyboard


Apply Move refactoring
Apply Safe Delete refactoring
Extract Method
Introduce Variable
Introduce Field
Introduce Parameter
Apply Inline refactoring
Encapsulate Field
Change Signature
scf keyboard

Run / Debug

Browse Stack Trace
Clear All Bookmarks
Repeat Previous Unit Test Run
Run the tests at the current caret position
Debug the tests at the current caret position
Appends tests at caret to the current session
Create New Test Session
Run All Tests from Solution
Run Current Test Session
scf keyboard

Windows / Dialogs

Show Advanced Find Usages Dialog
Show Inspect This menu
Show Inspections window
Show Module References window
Show File Structure window
Show To-do Explorer window
Show Find Results window
Show Cleanup Code dialog
Show list of Recent Files
Show Unit Test Explorer
Show Unit Test Sessions
Show Refactor This menu
Show most recent Resharper tool window
scf keyboard


Shrink Selection
Comment with Line Comment
Comment with Block Comment
Toggle Bookmark 4
Show previous signature in Parameter Information
Toggle Bookmark 0
Toggle Bookmark 1
Toggle Bookmark 2
Toggle Bookmark 5
Toggle Bookmark 6
Toggle Bookmark 7
Toggle Bookmark 9
Go To Bookmark 0
Go To Bookmark 3
Go To Bookmark 6
Go To Bookmark 8
Go To Bookmark 9
Cleanup code, bypassing dialog