Excel Cheatsheet
ShortcutFoo uses a Spaced Repetition System that adapts to your training.
scf keyboard

Entering Data I

Enter and move down
Enter and move up
Enter and move right
Enter and move left
Enter and stay in same cell
Insert current date
Insert current time
scf keyboard

Entering Data II

Enter same data in multiple cells
Fill down from cell above
Fill right from cell left
Copy formula from cell above
Copy value from cell above
Add hyperlink
Display autocomplete list
scf keyboard

Row / Column Operations I

Insert rows / columns
Delete rows / columns
Delete cells
Hide columns
Hide rows
Unhide rows
Unhide columns
scf keyboard

Row / Column Operations II

Group rows or columns
Ungroup rows or columns
Hide or show outline symbols
Zoom in
Zoom out
scf keyboard

General I

Open help
Undo last action
Redo last action
Copy cells
Cut cells
Paste special
Find and replace
Find and replace (replace selected)
scf keyboard

General II

Find next match
Find previous match
Create embedded chart
Toggle autofilter
Activate filter
Insert table
Select table row
Select table column
Select table
scf keyboard

Navigation I

Move one cell right
Move one cell left
Move one cell up
Move one cell down
Move one screen right
Move one screen left
scf keyboard

Navigation II

Move one screen up
Move one screen down
Move to beginning of row
Move to last cell in worksheet
Move to first cell in worksheet
Turn end mode on
scf keyboard


Select entire row
Select entire column
Select entire worksheet
Move right between non-adjacent selections
Move left between non-adjacent selections
Toggle add to selection mode
Cancel selection
scf keyboard

Active Cell

Select active cell only
Show the active cell on worksheet
Move active cell clockwise in selection
Move active cell down in selection
Move active cell up in selection
Move active cell right in a selection
Move active cell left in a selection
scf keyboard

Extend Selection

Extend selection one cell right
Extend selection one cell left
Extend selection one cell up
Extend selection one cell down
Extend selection to last cell left
Extend selection up one screen
Extend selection down one screen
Extend selection to start of row
Extend selection to first cell in worksheet
Extend selection to last cell in worksheet
Toggle extend selection mode
scf keyboard


Format anything
Display format cells with font tab selected
Toggle bold
Toggle italic
Toggle underscore
Toggle strikethrough
Align center
Align left
Align right
Remove indent
Increase font size
Decrease font size
scf keyboard

Select Special

Display Go To dialog box
Select current region around active cell
Select current region
Select current array
Select row differences
Select column differences
Select direct precedents
Select all precedents
Select direct dependents
Select all dependents
Select visible cells only
scf keyboard


Expand or collapse ribbon
Move to next ribbon control
Activate or open selected ribbon control
Confirm ribbon control change
scf keyboard

Cell Edit Mode

Edit the active cell
Insert or edit comment
Cancel entry
Start new line in same cell
scf keyboard

Number Formatting

Apply general format
Apply currency format
Apply percentage format
Apply scientific format
Apply date format
Apply time format
Apply number format
scf keyboard


Add border outline
Toggle border bottom
Toggle border top
Remove borders
scf keyboard


Open insert function
Toggle formulas on and off
Insert function arguments
Enter array formula
Evaluate part of a formula
Expand / collapse formula bar
Display function arguments dialog
scf keyboard

Pivot Tables

Select entire pivot table
Toggle pivot table field checkbox
Group pivot table items
Ungroup pivot table items
Hide pivot table item
Open pivot table wizard