Eclipse Cheatsheet
ShortcutFoo uses a Spaced Repetition System that adapts to your training.
scf keyboard

Text Editing I

Copy lines
Insert line below current line
Duplicate lines
Delete next word
Delete to end of line
Insert line above current line
Delete previous word
To upper case
Delete line
To lower case
scf keyboard

Text Editing II

Move lines down
Move lines up
Line start
Text end
Line end
Text start
Join lines
scf keyboard

Text Selection

Select previous element
Select next word
Select line end
Toggle block selection
Select next element
Select previous word
Select line start
scf keyboard

Java Source Editing

Quick assist - assign to local variable
Toggle mark occurrences
Quick assist - rename in file
Quick assist - assign to field
Remove occurrence annotations
Add import
Add block comment
Remove block comment
Add javadoc comment
Surround with quick menu
scf keyboard

Java Source Navigation

Show in breadcrumb
Quick outline
Quick hierarchy
scf keyboard

Java Refactoring

Extract local variable
Extract method
Show refactor quick menu
Change method signature
scf keyboard


Debug run to line
Debug eclipse application
Debug OSGi Framework
Debug JUnit test
Debug JUnit plug-in test
Debug on server
Debug Java applet
Debug Java application
Debug Ant build
scf keyboard


Open search dialog
Show occurrences in file quick menu
Search declaration in workspace
Find text in workspace
Search references in workspace
scf keyboard


Run Java applet
Run eclipse application
Run JUnit plug-in test
Run Ant build
Run Java application
Run OSGi framework
Run JUnit test
Run on server
scf keyboard

Tasks View

Go to previous unread task
Go to next unread task
Mark task read and move to next
Mark task incomplete
Mark task complete
Mark task read
Open selected task
Mark task read and move to prev task
Mark task unread
scf keyboard

Debug Memory View

Add memory block
Toggle memory monitors page
Close rendering
Next memory monitor
New rendering
scf keyboard


Show error log
Show variables view
Show type hierarchy
Show javadoc
Show search
Show synchronize view
Show history
Show cheat sheets
Show task list
Show package explorer
Show breakpoints
Show console
Show problems
Show declaration view
Show outline view
scf keyboard

Misc I

Force return
Toggle comment
Show source quick menu
Organize imports
Toggle insert mode
Word completion
scf keyboard

Misc II

Quick diff toggle
Content assist
Context information
Find and replace
Generate code
Go to line
Next sub-tab
Previous sub-tab
scf keyboard

Misc III

Go to last edit location
Show in...
Open type
Open call hierarchy
Open type hierarchy
Backward history
Forward history
Open resource
Open manifest
scf keyboard

Misc IV

Java breakpoint properties
All instances
Find previous
Zoom in