Chrome Dev Tools Cheatsheet

All Panels I

Show General Settings dialog
Next panel
Previous panel
Backward in panel History
Forward in panel history
Open Device Mode (v38+)
Toggle Console / close settings dialog when open

All Panels II

Refresh the page
Refresh the page ignoring cached content
Text search within current file or panel
Text search across all sources
Search by filename (except on Timeline)
Zoom in (while focused in DevTools)
Zoom out
Restore default text size

Styles Sidebar

View auto-complete suggestions
Edit next property
Edit previous property
Increment value
Decrement value
Increment value by 10
Decrement value by 10
Increment value by 100
Decrement value by 100
Increment value by 0.1
Decrement value by 0.1

Sources Panel I

Pause / resume script execution
Step over next function call
Step into next function call
Step out of current function
Select next call frame
Select previous call frame
Delete individual words
Comment a line or selected text

Sources Panel II

Save changes to local modifications
Save all changes
Go to line
Search by filename
Go to member
Toggle console and evaluate code selected in Sources panel
Run snippet
Close active tab

Elements Panel / Misc

Open / switch from inspect element mode and browser window
Open Developer Tools and bring focus to the console
Undo change
Redo change
Hide element
Toggle edit as HTML
Open Developer Tools