ShortcutFoo uses a Spaced Repetition System that adapts to your training.
scf keyboard

Text Editing I

Cut to End of Line
Delete to Beginning of Word
Delete to End of Word
Delete Line
Duplicate Line
Go to Line
scf keyboard

Text Editing II

Go to Matching Bracket
Indent Selected Text
Outdent Selected Text
Join Lines
Move to Beginning of Word
Move to End of Word
scf keyboard

Code Navigation I

Move to Beginning of Line
Move to End of Line
Move Line Up
Move Line Down
Move to Top of File
Move to Bottom of File
Move to First Character of Line
Move to Last Character of Line
scf keyboard

Code Selection I

Select Left Character
Select Right Character
Select to Beginning of Word
Select to End of Word
Select Entire Word
scf keyboard

Code Selection II

Select to First Character of Line
Select to Last Character of Line
Select to Same Position, Next Line
Select to Same Position, Previous Line
Select to Top of File
Select to Bottom of File
Select Next
Select Line
Toggle Line Comments
scf keyboard

Code Folding

Fold Code
Unfold Code
Fold Selected Text
scf keyboard


Toggle Bookmark
View All Bookmarks
Jump to Next Bookmark
Jump to Previous Bookmark
Clear All Bookmarks
scf keyboard

Editor View / Files

Split Panes Vertically
Split Panes Horizontally
Vertical Navigation Panes
Horizontal Navigation Panes
Toggle Full Screen
Toggle Tree View
Find Open File
Find Modified, Untracked (git) File
Open Tree View
Add a File
Move a File
Delete a File
Reopen Last File
scf keyboard

Find & Replace

Find String in Current File
Find String in All Project Files
Find Next Matching String
Find Previous Matching String
Select Next Matching String
Select All Matching Strings
Replace String in Current File
scf keyboard


Open Command Palette
Open Configuration Editor
Toggle Autocomplete
Find Matching Bracket