AppCode Cheatsheet
ShortcutFoo uses a Spaced Repetition System that adapts to your training.
scf keyboard

Editing I

Comment / uncomment line
Comment / uncomment with block comment
Reformat code
Auto-indent line(s)
Indent selected line
Unindent selected line
Paste from recent buffers...
Duplicate current line or selected block
Delete line at caret
Smart line join
Smart line split
Start new line
Delete to word start
scf keyboard

Editing II

Basic code completion
Smart code completion
Complete statement
Quick documentation lookup
External documentation
Show descriptions of error or warning at caret
Generate code
Override methods
Implement methods
Surround with...
Select successively increasing code blocks
Decrease current selection to previous state
Context info
Show intention actions and quick-fixes
Optimize imports
Toggle case for word at caret or selected block
Expand all
Collapse all
scf keyboard

Navigation I

Go to line
Go to class
Go to file
Go to symbol
Go to related header or source file
Go to implementaiton
Go to type declaration
Go to bookmark number 3
Go to bookmark number 9
scf keyboard

Navigation II

Recent files popup
Navigate to last edit location
Select current file or symbol in any view
Move to code block end
Move to code block start
Type hierarchy
Call hierarchy
Next highlighted error
Previous highlighted error
Editor source
View source
Toggle bookmark
Toggle bookmark with mnemonic
Show bookmarks
scf keyboard

Find / Replace

Find next
Find previous
Find in path
Replace in path
Find usages
Find usages in file
Highlight usages in file
Show usages
scf keyboard

Compile And Run

Build project
Select configuration and run
Select configuration and debug
Run context configuration from editor
scf keyboard


Show all refactorings
Copy refactoring
Move refactoring
Rename refactoring
Change signature
Extract method
Introduce variable
Introduce parameter
Introduce property
Introduce constant
Introduce instance variable
scf keyboard


Step over
Step into
Smart step into
Step out
Run to cursor
Evaluate expression
Resume program
Toggle breakpoint
View breakpoints
scf keyboard


Commit project to VCS
View recent changes
VCS quick popup
Surround with live template